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Here Are Places Around The World Where You Are Not Allowed To Wear Clothes



There are still many uncivilized tribes around the world where clothing is not a major concern. However, this article is not just about savage tribes, it is about modernized places in the world where even civilized people still walk around naked. Here are five of them.

1. City Cap d’Agde, France

Naturists alike abound in Cap d’Agde, the legendary nudist resort town in Southern France that attracts 300,000 visitors each summer. Cap d’Agde is a full-fledged town with its own vibe and rhythm.

Cap d’Agde can be laid back and sensual, exciting and erotic, busy and overbearing, and earthy and rude–but never quite normal. You could see 100 people huddled in a circle on a certain stretch of beach in the Cap and you could be the only person wearing clothes in the midst of them all.

Clearly, they don’t have perverts or people who are ‘starving’ from some sexual ‘action’, hence why it is completely legal to walk around naked without condoning any criminal activities. Here, you don’t have to worry about forgetting laundry day…how convenient!

2. City Park in Munich, Germany

According to the source, people here have been practising nudity since the 1960s! This is one of Europe’s biggest city parks that is almost 988 acres wide. Here people go completely topless and bottomless while enjoying the shimmers of the sun.

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According to, “a lot has been written about the Germans’ fondness for taking their clothes off in public. For much of the population of Munich, it’s almost part of their DNA.”

“Whenever the sun is out, you’ll find Münchner of all ages, shapes and sizes catching some rays as nature intended. It’s considered as much the perfect lunchtime escape from the stresses of a busy day for office workers as it a place for friends and families to gather at weekends.”

“This being Germany, there’s no embarrassment whatsoever about the fact that everybody is naked.”

3. Art Festival in Portshach am Worthersee, Austria

This is the world’s largest bodypainting festival and has been going on for over 20 years now. The festival usually takes place in late July each year.

Artists from around the world gather in Austria to cover their “canvases” ie. models entirely in paint. The artists get to be super creative and funky, transforming their models, who were nearly nude, into geishas, superheroes, mermaids and even the Statue of Liberty, all with vibrant colours and mesmerizing accessories.

4. Spa Treatments in Ayana Resort Bali, Indonesia

What a better way to be full on in your birthday suit than to relax and ‘feel’ everything around you spinning slowly in unison as you receive one of the best massages in the world?

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Located in Jimbaran and showcasing views of Jimbaran Bay, AYANA Resort and Spa BALI offers 5-star accommodation, as well as an infinity pool, a sauna and a private beach.

If you want to awaken your senses, all you need to do is go for naked spa treatments in Ayana Resort Bali and Spa, Indonesia where indulgent therapies will leave you refreshed.

5. Hot Springs Bathing in Tokyo, Japan

Of course, who can forget the capital city of Japan where the famous hot springs are. Did you know that traditionally men and women bathe together as a few special mineral-rich onsens in rural Japan? Well, now you do!

Visiting an onsen, a Japanese hot spring, should absolutely be on your Japan bucket list. It is not only incredibly relaxing after a long day of walking or hiking, but it is also apparently great for your health—plus many happen to be set among stunning scenery.

One caveat though: it is usually a “ladies to one side, gentlemen to the other” affair. Hot springs are usually separated by gender.