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Nigerians accuse NIPOST of stealing Phones Ordered From Aliexpress



Many Nigerians have expressed their anger and total displeasure over the rate at which mobile devices they ordered from China through Aliexpress get stolen on arrival to Nigeria.

According to them NIPOST who are supposed to be trusted are the ones stealing from them. They equally express fear that Aliexpress might have no option than to blacklist Nigeria if the trend continues

See some of the comments from victims

On the 7th of March, I ordered a phone which was shipped on the 18th of March. Ever since then, nothing has been heard of it.
The memory card I intended to use with the phone was ordered two days later, and that one has since arrived.

From the lamentations on the aliexpress thread, I noticed a lot of people are also in my situation.
They bought phones which refused to deliver whereas the accessories they ordered days after ordering the phone got delivered.

This lead to the assumption that nipost staffs are deliberately holding on to these phones for reasons best known to them.

I don’t want to believe these phones are being stolen by those that are meant to deliver them to us.

Why will I buy a phone with my hard earned money only for it to be stolen by people who are meant to deliver the phone?

This is corporate robbery and should be condemned.

How will a phone come all the way from China without missing only for it to get to Nigeria and get missing?

I have to create this new thread to make our plight known to the whole world.

I have also tagged those who are having this same issue.

I have been calling all their customer care number I saw on their twitter page, the calls are going through but nobody is picking up.

The one that managed to pick up asked me to send my tracking number and call back after some minutes. I sent the tracking number, and called back after some time, she refused to pick again.

Chai!!! I don’t even know who to call again.

I ordered a small phone on July 23rd, it was was shipped on Aug 1st. I no see phone for past 1month, I went to the Post office to track it for me, they decided to help me track it after waiting for an hour, they said it has been in Naija since Aug 21st.

I neva see phone till now. Today na Sept 19.
I won’t be surprised if AliExpress stops shipping to Naija. They have really lost a lot from shipping to Nigeria

I orderred for a phone on 3rd June, Shipped 4th June, Despatched to Nigeria 8 July, but till date, I haven’t seen the phone. It’s quite painful.

I’ve been to the post office thrice to check for it.
1st time it was tracked, I was told it’s not in their database yet. 2nd and 3rd time, I was told that their server is down. Other items ordered after the phone have arrived. This shit has to stop.

Am also a victim now…order a drone in early March….this is d first time it’s happening to me…sti shows dispatched to destination till now…if it were before i would have received in 30days…and I’ve declared completed online.
Called nipost everywhere with tracking…says nothing in my name.
It’s becoming worry some..

Seriously, this is another bad image for Nigeria.
If aliexpress kept refunding Nigerians for items that have been shipped to their country, then its only a matter of time before they blacklist us.

it is a regular something from Nipost. they are fantastically corrupt in that parastatal.

Go to where it is to be delivered, and request to see senior management. Do like you get choko for head o, and brag a bit about knowing people and taking up the matter

At the time of this report attempts made by to reach NIPOST on their contact number proved futile as the calls weren’t answered nor returned. Also messages sent to the their social media platforms and emails weren’t replied