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“My 2-year-old son smokes about 40 cigarettes per day” – 35-year-old mom



An Indonesian mother , Maryati , 35 , has revealed that her two – year- old son , Rapi Ananda Pamungkas, smokes about 40 cigarettes per day .
According to Sun UK , the toddler picked up the habit very young , when he used to pick up used cigarette butts outside his mum ’ s market stall in hill station resort of Sukabumi .

He later graduated to demanding cigarettes from passers – by . The adults initially found the toddler ’ s demand endearing and gave him the cigarettes while laughing as he lit up .
His mother says , he becomes aggressive and throws tantrums whenever he is not given cigarettes . To calm him , Maryati now buys at least two packs of cigarettes every day to stop him from going ” beserk” .

She said : ” My child is used to smoking while drinking coffee and eating cake .

“ If I don ’ t give him a cigarette , my child goes berserk. ”

She added : “ If Rapi doesn ’ t get cigarettes he cannot sleep . He will start rampaging and crying .

“ It ’ s expensive , because we have to buy them for him . He likes to do it all day . He can smoke about 40 every day . ”

The toddler ’ s dad Misbahudin , 40 , said he also smokes but doesn ’ t know why his child started the habit .

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