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Nothing Bad Must Happen To Buhari – Northerners Warn



The Arewa Community United Foundation has warned that nothing unwholesome must happen to President Muhammadu Buhari.

State Secretary, Alhaji Musa Saleh, spoke in Lagos, Friday at the yearly national prayer and 50th year remembrance of the Late Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello, killed in the first military coup d’état witnessed in the country on January 15,1966.

“We have to say now that we don’t want such event to happen to our leaders anymore,” he said.
“Today we have President Muhammadu Buhari on seat; for those who are threatening national violence against the state, we warn them that nothing must happen to Buhari; he is there, he has been elected by popular majority vote and he is carrying out the administration of this country in the way to rebuild the country for greater posterity.

“So, we are warning that nothing should happen to him; we all should support him to achieve the desired goal for the country”, he stressed.
He said for Nigeria to develop, national unity should be encouraged and segregation discouraged.
Speaking, South West leader of the Arewa Community, Architect Ahmed Kabiru Abdullahi, said the death of the late Sardauna was not only the worst thing to happen to Northern Nigeria but also the worst thing to happen to the country as a whole.

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On how successive Northern leaders had not been able to emulate the success of the late Ahmadu Bello in developing the North, The Nation quoted him as saying: “Every leader has tried, but it is possible at a time not to have people who can build up on your legacy as those who came after late Ahmadu Bello.
“They made their own impacts, but they have not been able to match up to the big shoes and it is our hope that President Buhari should be able to match up. It is our hope and we are confident that Buhari will match up.”
Reacting to call by some Igbos on break-up of Nigeria, he quipped: “Did they put it together, can you break what you did not put together, that’s injustice. They are working against themselves.
“They should change and let Nigeria be because I know Nigeria will be with or without them. Nigeria has come to stay. The Giant of Africa has come to stay.”

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