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South African Lady Narrates How Her Dad, Uncle & His Friend [email protected] Her Over Lesbianism



A South African lady @Smoochie_Dk, took to Twitter to narrate an ugly rape experience she was subjected to by her dad, uncle and his friend all because she was a lesbian
South African lady recounts how her dad, uncle and friend raped her

According to the South African lady, she was only 15-years-old when her drunk father forcefully had sex with her. She added that after the rape, she lost her respect for him. The South African lady further disclosed that her Uncle and his friend who came around that same day, also raped her.

@Smoochie_Dk, further revealed that after a rape case was opened against her father, her relatives ganged up against her, claiming she was only doing it because her father left her mother. Read tweets from the South African lady below;

‘I was raped by my own father, my uncle and his friend. Read this thread.
On that day my grandmother wasn’t around, she went to visit her relatives in a place called “Dennilton in Limpopo”, so at home it was me and my father. I was 15 years old when my father came into my room intoxicated and forcefully had sex with me. I never thought a father could do something like that to their child, their own blood.
I loved and respected him as a parent, but ever since that day I’ve lost respect for that man and I cannot proudly say he is “my father” a responsible father, a carrying father and a loving father. He said to me “my child I hate what you’re doing and today I’m going to prove to you that you’re a woman, you’re not a man you’re a woman so you need to like one” I knew what he was on about because my father hated the fact that “I am a lesbian” he was actually homophobic.
He then pull off his shoes and took off his pants, while I was still in bed trying to understand why is he taking off his pants he said to me “Take off your clothes so that if you decide to open a case I will tell the police I didn’t rape you, you seduced me”.
I tried to talk to him but he couldn’t listen, he even slapped me for begging him not to do it, he slapped me for asking him not to rape me. I was young and couldn’t fight him back, I was even afraid to scream so I couldn’t, he took off my clothes and then pushed me into the bed, by that time I was fully naked and he was wearing his t-shirt but nothing to cover his private parts.
He then came on top of me, he took his peen and placed it into my honeypot and then he raped me, I’ve cried and cried but he couldn’t stop, every time I close my eyes I remember what my father did to me and I always blame myself for everything that happened. After he raped me he said “Ngane yami ubaba uyakuthanda ufuna nawe ube ngumfazi nje ngabo bonke abafazi, uNkulunkulu wabumba u’Adamu kwathi lapho embona enesizungu wabumba u’Eva ukuba ahlale naye abe nguNkosikazi wakhe”.
He then dressed up and left the room immediately after dressing up, I was still young only 15years and didn’t know what to do and who to talk to, I kept on crying and crying and it was so painful and yet so heartbreaking. Later that day my uncle came home with his friends and and they also raped me, he said he was looking for my father, and I told him my father was not around and I don’t even know his whereabouts, he replied “ngizomlinda mchana”.
I then left him with his friends in the dining room and went to my room to bath since well I didn’t bath after my father raped me, after some few minutes my uncle came into my room. Then he found me naked, he didn’t even knock because there door wasn’t there but “a curtain ” but still that doesn’t justifies what he did.
Instead of him saying “sorry” and return to his friends he came closer to me and spank my ass and said to me “mchana ka Malume man” I started crying because it reminded me of what happened earlier and had to ask him to stop what he was doing. He said “don’t worry mchana, angeke ngikulimaze” I then knew my uncle was going to rape me too, I tried to scream this time but his friends too were as bad as him and they helped him rape.
One of them went to check if there was anyone coming, meanwhile the other one grabbed my hands and held them tight to the floor. They were older than me, I’m a woman and they overpowered me I couldn’t fight them back, I was so weak that I couldn’t even cry anymore after my uncle was done. His friend came on top of me and then did the same.
I felt helpless, useless and like I could just die. Why didn’t they just kill me and save me from this pain? It wasn’t easy and it’s not easy, I’ve tried to kill myself several times because this pain is too much. In the midnight I kept on crying and couldn’t sleep, so I went to my neighbor’s place to seek help, (my father didn’t come back home that night) I told my neighbor everything about what happened earlier I was so scared that she would judge me, and that she’ll laugh at me.
Although it wasn’t funny I was scared. My neighbor took me to the police station to open a case then to the hospital, but still my father is a free man even today he’s still is a free man. Only my uncle and his friends were persecuted and not my father. But Why?
I became a bad child in my family, my paternal family, everyone called me names, saying I hated my father because he left my mother. They said “ngine nhliziyo embi” and that I was “ugly” some said “ngiyivezandlebe”. I keep on asking myself this question “Why didn’t they just kill me, because this is a hard thing to live with” every time I find myself a new girlfriend I have to explain myself “Why am I not a virgin”. Sometimes I’d just stop in a middle of a “hot sex round”. Because it reminds me of what my father, uncle and his friend did to me. It reminds me of everything I should forget about, it brings back memories and not just memories but bad memories’ the South African lady wrote.

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