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Nollywood Actor Chigozie Wakes Up With Red Eyes After Fighting Two Persons In His Dream (Photo)



The actor on Sunday that he was attacked in his dream and was left with a blood shot eye. He posted a video on social media to narrate his ordeal…

He said:

“Actually something happened last night. I woke up this morning and I saw something. I don’t know you. I fought last night I fought with two people in my dream. I fought. Some people don’t believe in dreams but some do but I don’t know but whoever that you are whatever that you are plotting; I really want you to stay away from me, stay away from my family.

And you know I dealt with you last night, two of you. And the most important thing is that I killed them, both of them; look at what they did to me.(shows his red eye) Do you see my eye? Yes see my eyes, yeah I woke up this morning and I saw this. Please stay away from me. I am a covenant child you cannot do me anything.”