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Four Signs Your Bestfriend Wants Your Man (Number Two is a Shocker)



Relationships take painful twists when a third party is gains a foothold. Most times, ladies or better still the best friend of the lady in a relationship become the sower of discord.

These noticeable signs would help you discern in your best friend has an eye on your man.

1. Acting All Nice When He is Around.

Although not something to suspect at the beginning, it is a subtle tool though.

When you notice your best friend puts up a sudden nice character and charm whenever your guy us around be sure she has an eye on your guy, if she isn’t seeing him already.

2. Bringing him into discussions even when it isn’t necessary

Either she is asking him questions always, or she throws him a general question or she asks a question referring to him or she practically brings him into discussions, whichever way, if she does it all the time you’ve got to watch your man’s back cause your best friend definitely has an eye on him.

3. Criticizing you when you are with your boyfriend

If she has an eye on your man, she’d see you as a blockage to stopping her from having him and surely would do anything to get you out of the way.

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She’d do anything to make your guy see your lapses even when all he once saw was the good in you.

From your hair to your shoes, to the way you talk to him, to how you hold him, anything could just be a topic for her criticism.

4. Practical Seduction

No matter how much she tries to cover her desperation for your man, it would always have the better part of her in the long run.

She’d lose all sense of reservation and outrightly begin to seduce your man. At this point you need no prophet to tell you she wants what is yours.

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