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“Why Solemnization of Holy matrimony is for people who didn’t fornicate before marriage” – Nigerian man says as he warm people to stop lying on their wedding cards



A Nigerian man, identified as Joshua Chukwuemeka Emmanuel, has chided couples who use the term ‘Solemnization of Holy Matrimony’ on their wedding cards despite having defiled the marriage bed.

Taking to Facebook on Tuesday, December 13, Joshua asserted that the term is only for couples who didn’t fornicate before marriage, and people should stop lying on their wedding invitation card.

“Solemnization of Holy matrimony is for people who didn’t fornicate before marriage. Stop lying to people on your wedding cards,” he wrote.

In other news, a Nigerian man is currently in a confused state after his fiancée confessed that she once terminated another man’s pregnancy in 2018.

The man, who is scheduled to get married to his bride-to-be on Thursday, January 5 2023, said she broke the news to him last weekend, and now he doesn’t know what to do.

According to his friend who shared his story anonymously with Post Sub Man on Twitter, he already took his fiancée to a gynecologist to check her reproductive organs and she was certified okay, but he doesn’t know if he should proceed with the wedding or call it off due to the abortion.

The friend wrote,

“Hello Bro My guy was asking, his wedding is slated for 5th January and his wife to be just told him last week Saturday that she has had an abortion once. She’s a wife material tho, womb is intact too cos they when to a gynecologist to after she made the confession to check and run checks on her.

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She’s good. But he was asking if I’d still carry on with the marriage if I was in his shoes. I told him I’ll bring to PSB and screenshot reactions of people. Abeg make PSB people put mouth take help my guy. He said he loves her and nothing has changed, this was something she did since 2018. Thanks. Anon as usua.

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