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December Holidays: 6 Ways To Make the (Best of Fun) Out Of It



The semester is about the end, workers are about to get thier Christmas break (though some won’t get enough days while some won’t get at all) depending on your field of work. I know you’re probably wondering how you gonna spend your holidays? Well chill we have lined out how you can still make fun out of it… 

Step 1- Decorate Your Home/working place With Christmas Tree or light:

Just to remind you of the period we are in I suggest decorating your homes or work place with a Christmas tree or light will be the best way to start 

Step 2 Travel To your Home Town or Village

When last did you see your aging mom or grandma, your parents? Probably close to a year now. I suggest you leave the city and travel down to see them as well as your relative. Believe me they will be glad to see you. If you have any issues with them then it’s time to resolve it, cus no body will live forever.

Step 3- Buy and Exchange Gifts

 No matter where you intend to celebrate your holidays, exchanging gift will make it fun. No matter how small the gift it

Step 4- Join up with friends and family. …

Remember don’t celebrate alone go out and join your family and friends in celebration. 

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Step 5-Invite your friends or family over for Christmas dinner.

How boring is it playing alone at home? You can make it more fun by inviting your friends and family over for dinner during this period. If you are a guy you can play game after,  if a girl, do what  you know how to  do best… gossiping and gist☺️

Step 6- Chat and Read stories 

Believe me holidays can be so boring without you keeping in touch with friends on social media. Not visiting in a day can make it more boring.. Lol…. Anyways the points is this chatting, reading books, reading interesting blog stories will make it more fun

Thanks for reading…… Please take your time to use the comment box to tell us how you plan on celebrate your holidays