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What Exactly Is The Function Of NCC? (Increase Prices of Data Plans & Tax Us On Calls Longer Than 3 minutes? ) 



​We all know how hard things are in this country, and yet some people still choose to compound our problems.

As for me, maybe there’s is something I do not know, so anyone should please enlighten me, exactly what purpose does NCC serve in Nigeria, what role are they meant to play, and what role are they playing?

I remember a time not too long ago when news came out that NCC restricted the network operators from reducing their call and data tarrifs,

Also, I think MTN said NCC directed them to stop the xtracool plan

And now, to increase the prices of data plans, and again tax us on calls longer than 3 minutes, WTF!!!

Someone please help, what exactly does NCC stand to gain from all these?