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Man Goes To Visit A Friend & Meets Him Cut Into Pieces And Packed In A Sack (Photos)



​A man met the ghastliest of scenes yesterday, September 15th, when he went to visit a friend who lived in a sugar cane plantation in Udon, Thailand.

Teerayut Promkhao, 40, called out to his friend thinking he was still asleep in the early morning hours. But he was not in his bed under the mosquito net.. So he went to the kitchen area and found a trail of blood leading outside. His friend’s head and torso was stuffed in a fertilizer sack.

Next to that were his friend’s arms severed at the shoulder and legs cut off at the knee. These four limbs were stuffed in a blue bucket. Two large kitchen knives were laying about.

He rode off in a panic and called the cops. The grisly murder happened about one kilometer from the village of Non Sawan. The dead man was identified as 50-year-old Panya Thongsri, who was looking after the plantation for his wife who was working in Korea.

Police found a red bicycle at the scene that they think belongs to the murderer. He is believed to have rode off on the victim’s Honda Click motorbike. Rice was still steaming on the stove.

Huay Luang police think that the murderer cut up the body and intended to conceal it but was disturbed by someone nearby tending their fields. So he fled on the victim’s motorcycle.

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He had attacked the victim from behind so violently that his brains were splattered over the ground.

Various witnesses told stories of disputes between the victim and his wife and other members of his wife’s family over the ownership of the land. The disputes centered around alleged favoritism shown to the victim and his wife over other members of the wife’s extended family.

The victim’s younger brother said that Panya had told him of a previous attack by relatives that he had not reported to police.

Police are studying DNA evidence and CCTV footage in the area to determine the identity of the murderer. They are convinced that it is a close relative they are after.

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