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OMG! You Won’t Believe the Massive Fibroid Removed From a Woman’s Tummy in Nigeria (PHOTOS)



Doctors from Safe Hands Medicare Center Nigeria have removed this. According to the hospital’s social media report, confirmatory results shows that the mass weighed 26kg in Histopathology lab and was a 32cm degenerating fibroid. This makes it the largest ever mass to be removed from an individual in any part of the world.

The surgery was done without blood transfusion
” Access to good healthcare can make a difference. This is the reason I campaign vigorously for universal access to good quality healthcare ” a Facebook user said on the sight of the pictures. It is a common belief in Africa that a woman with a large mass such as this one may have been cursed by someone in her present or in her past life. In any case, correct and proper medical diagnosis is always advised so that specialists can handle the case well. Wrong diagnosis has led to the death of many in developing countries.




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