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Opera Is About To Be Bought By A Chinese Consortium For About $1.2 Billion



The popular Opera browser we all know is about to be acquired by a Chinese company. The company share holders voted in favor of the deal.
According to Techcrunch, The opera browser will be sold for nothing less than $1.2 Billion but for the deal to be completed they will have to wait for the approval from the authorities in China and Norway. According to Opera CEO Lars Boilesen and CTO Håkon Wium claims the decision isn’t from them. Below is his exact words:
“I have been working for Opera since ’99, Håkon ’98,” Boilesen said. “He’s No. 8; I’m No. 16. We’ve been with Opera for many years. We got listed on the Stockholm stock exchange in 2004. So basically, the shareholders — they decided to initiate this process. It was kind of their decision. It wasn’t our decision.”
Opera Senior staff disclosed that this decision is made by the entire shareholders, from about 90.6 percent of the outstanding share capital and 90.9 percent of the votes in the company have approved the acquisition and this will not stop the company from improving and adding new feature to the Opera mobile and PC version for now.

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