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Pastor Catches Wife Having Sex With Choirmaster In Hotel In Delta



A pastor has been left shamed for life after he was called to a hotel room where his wife was having sex with the choirmaster and he caught them red-handed.

A pastor of one of the new generation churches in Asaba, Delta state has been left embarrassed and ashamed after he caught his wife red-handed having s*x with a choirmaster of his church.
Narrating the sad ordeal, the unnamed pastor said on Thursday that news of his wife sleeping around was everywhere before he eventually caught them red-handed.

The pastor who has been married to the woman for 12 years without a child, revealed that he has been publicly ridiculed because of the act.

“I have been inundated with reports about my wife having sex with her choirmaster, but I kept my ears to the ground until the fateful day I was called to a hotel around Ezeani Avenue, Asaba where I caught my wife pants down in the hotel room.

“I have been married to her in the last 12 years without a child, she has exposed me to the winds; people spread all kinds of rumours about me.”
After catching them, he invited the police who arrested the choirmaster. The choirmaster on interrogation, admitted to the crime and begged for forgiveness from the pastor.

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This is not the first time the lady, a native of Esan Land in Edo State (name withheld) had been warned by the church members, who had earlier suspected that she was involved in an illicit relationship with the choirmaster. But, she never listened.

A member of the church who gave her name as Rosemary Iwoha, claimed she stumbled on the choirmaster and the pastor’s wife in the church neck deep kissing, said, “I met them kissing one day and I reported to our Daddy about it.”
It has been revealed that the pastor has thrown his wife out of their matrimonial home and is concluding other necessary action to end their marriage.

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