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Court Dissolves Marriage Over Wife’s Prostitution, Pregnancy Abortion



A Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan on Tuesday dissolved a 10-year-old marriage between Faniyan Abodunde and Comfort over infidelity and abortion of pregnancies.
The President of the court, Mr Ademola Odunade, in his judgment,   held that any act of prostitution constitutes a big risk not only to the wife, but also to the husband.
“Comfort has refused to show up in court and this indicates that she is guilty; the court does not want the death of anybody.
“According to the report we heard, she almost died the last time she aborted, the court therefore, dissolve the union between both of you henceforth,” he held.
Abodunde had earlier told the court that Comfort was a big time prostitute who aborted four different pregnancies from her escapade.
“When I caught her prostituting, I warned her and restrained from having further sexual intercourse with her so that I would not contact disease.
“During that time, she aborted four separate pregnancies and the last one almost took her life.
“Comfort’s mother even invited her to her matrimonial home to give birth there.
“One day, I took the pain to ask Comfort’s younger sister living with us if she was aware of her sister’s pregnancy.
“I asked Comfort’s sister to swear with the holy bible in her confession and she confessed of her sister’s escapades and the pregnancy.
I always listen to her mother’s plea for her, but she almost lost her life in the last abortion.
I don’t want to be held culpable for what I am not responsible for,” Abodunde explained.
Abodunde and Comfort lived at Apata Area of Ibadan and had two children before she started misbehaving.

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