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Key Ideas To Make Your Blog The Best



Earning as a blogger is no longer as easy as it used to be when Internet subscription was still very expensive in most part of African countries, example Nigeria.
These days getting approval from Google adsense or any other well paying advertising medium is burdensome. So for you to get these approvals you have to consider making your blog the best, or let me just say among the best.
Below are few ideas you have to implement or consider to make your blog the best;
1. Your Design: As a blogger you don’t need to get stuck with your default blog template, you need to thing of something unique and attractive, something a reader will like to visit again after coming for the first time. A lot of people will say this blogger is using the default design and he/she is making it, but let me ask you one question; how old is the persons blog? You need to be creative to beat those who have been into the game before you. So try to customise your design as much as you can!
2. Contents: It’s not just about building a blog, your equally have to consider what your have to offer. Don’t think that you will make it coping people content and pasting on yours, no body will pay you for copied contents, again you risk been banned by Google and other search engines. You have to write original content, things that people will search on the search engine. Use your own style and try as much as possible to make your heading brief. And write more on the niche you are into, cus that’s what you will be known for in the future.
3. Performance/Speed: Try as much as you can to reduce your site load time, the faster a site loads the more chances there is that a visitor will come back again. This can be achieved by including less images on your home page and also don’t add unnecessary java script to your site. Remember time is money! So speed should be money too. The faster your site loads the more the visitor, and the more the visitors the more the money 😃.
4. Share on Social Media: As a new blog you need to let people know that your have arrived, cus nobody will notice your blog that easily sick some site might over rank yours on search engines. So a good way of doing this is by using the social media: examples are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. Now when you share your post on these sites it help drive traffic to you blog.
5. Purchase Domain: Most at times when people see a blogger still using the blogspot or WordPress subdomain name attached to their blog domain name they see the person as unserious. So of you want people to take you more serious then get a domain name. Upgrade!😀
6. Publish Post Frequently & Consistently: Try to publish new post at least one per day, 1/week and 1/month aren’t that bad but the more consistent you are the more serious you will be taken. Don’t stop blogging cus you are out of data, subscribe and get bad to it as soon as your subscription expires. Don’t quite cus you are yet to get advert approval for any advert platform. Remember all Rome was not built in a day.
7. SEO: I know this might be strange for most newbies out there. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, when properly done your get will ranked on search engines. Believe me most blogger and webmaster might claim to be best in SEO but you will end up discovering that they suck. Do your research on SEO and edit your meta tags and description. SEO is like a topic of its own it large and most people knows little or less about it. So in my subsequent writing I will consider write on SEO. Keep reading and don’t forget to drop your comment after reading. Cheers!

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