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Why Linda Ikeji is Among the Worst Bloggers In Nigeria



I know some people will come for my head after reading this post, some will say I wrote this out of jealousy, but believe me I love Linda too.*winks*
Linda Ikeji I must say is the most popular blogger in Nigeria currently but that doesn’t make her the best blogger in Nigeria. Even with the traffic and ranking she is still not close to the best.
I know you are beginning to run out of patience, you are eager to know my point I guess. But don’t worry I believe before the end of this post you will understand.
Before I continue let me give you a little biography on Linda;
She was born on September 19, 1980 in Nkwerre local Government area in Imo state into a Catholic family. A family of seven ; six girls and one boy, Linda is the second child. She studied English language at the University of Lagos, during her school days she had part-time jobs as a waitress, model, bar-tending and writer. After graduation, Ikeji started blogging in 2006.
Now going back to the topic, Linda was just so lucky(though I don’t believe in luck) to have started blogging 9 years ago when blogging was yet to get rampant in Nigeria. She capitalised on controversial post about celebrities, gossips and rumours. Though these are common among entertainment blogger, but have you wondered why she gets less invitations upon her popularity to write reviews and articles, maybe she isn’t good at it.
Most blogger in the tech industry do spend sleepless night researching and writing. But all Linda has to do is publish any rumor or gossip heard even of it came from a “rat”.
Remember not long ago her blog was shut down by Google due to too much of copy and paste. Now believe me a blogger with such traffic should employ lot of researchers and writers to help compose her/his news/articles, considering the fact that her Net worth is over N3.2billion.
It took Linda 9 years to get a domain name. She have been using the blogspot domain name till recently when she bought a domain name That’s an improvement i must say, but why 9 years?
Now let look at the design. If you are the type of blogger that admire design of blogs, then Linda’s blog won’t serve as an inspiration. Reason being that she still use the default Google blogspot template, no change. Year after year she maintains the same design, even a kid can build that design.
I know what most entertainment blogger do these days is copy any content from Linda’s blog and paste on their blog without even considering where she might have copied them from. But believe me if you really want to make it as a blogger then I think it’s high time you get unique.
Thanks for reading, Please feel free to drop your comment and contribution using the comment box below.

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