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Reasons Why You Should Date Before Marriage, Advantage And Disadvantage



Some people believe that the only reason for dating is to determine if you’re going to marry someone or not. But some others think it’s good to date even when your are just 16, and you aren’t serious or ready for marriage yet.
But am going to list out some of the good reasons why it’s good to date as well as the bad ones below;
Help You Make The Right Choice: Dating different people seem pretty obvious to me. First, you learn from experience how to behave in a relationship,
it opens your mind allowing you to experience different people and ultimately have respect for your final choice. Its kind of hard to appreciate somebody if you have no one or nothing to compare them to. How do you know a bad person if you never experienced a good person, and how do you know a good person if you never experienced a bad person.
Helps You Know If Both Of You Are Compatible; You’re able to figure out if a person’s values, goals, traits, and habits are compatible with yours. Dating is just fun! Yes, it can be stressful, and yes, heartbreak sucks, but if you approach dating with the right attitude it can be a very enriching experience in which you learn and try new things, and learn a lot about yourself, too.  Maybe am sounding too American, but I honestly can’t imagine marrying someone I barely knew. In cultures where arranged marriage was common in the 80’s and 90’s, divorce is very much frowned upon and women were often lacking in equal rights. So if the partner your parents pick for you is awful, what can you possibly do? You’re stuck. America may have a high divorce rate, but at least there is no one forced by social pressure or by law to stay in a marriage that is unhappy, unloving, unhealthy, unsafe, or abusive.
It Is Natural; Dating is a natural thing teens do. it’s the the practice rounds of being a couple and learning about yourself, how you fight, what you get jealous over, how you cope with disagreements and arguments and cheating, breaking up. it’s all the initial practice rounds before the guy who comes around and who is actually worth it as a life partner; When you get passed teenage hood, you can make better and more informed knowledgeable future decisions. I know some will disagree but it is true.
It Helps Develop Friendships: Marriage is a long journey; it is better traveled with those who see things as closely as possible to your own point of view, with a friend.
To know the strengths and weaknesses of a would-be spouse: The marriage journey would be greatly assisted if you could find out in advance if the man or woman you are considering spending the rest of your life with has the qualities you expect, wish for or desire in a companion. It is also important to know in advance what weaknesses there are so you can decide whether or not you can tolerate them.
To get emotionally involved with each other: Emotional involvement is critical to the sustaining of respect for one another. The basic ingredients to emotional involvement are sown during dating, enhanced during courtship and utilized during marriage. Emotional involvement is not sexual intercourse, which actually disrupts the process of building emotional involvement.
To learn about relationships: Nobody is allowed to drive a vehicle without evidence of learning to drive and being licensed. Dating sets the stage for this learning. Life is a process. You cannot jump any stage and still succeed
Below are some Disadvantages;
1.) Your mind can get too open to several people, making it quite difficult to make a choice.
2.) You Feel Used and Dumped after break up. I guess this is self explanatory
3.) It scares people who has interest in you away. When someone realize that you are already going out with someone else, then the person will just keep his/her distance.
Now over to you what are the advantages or disadvantage of dating a couple of people before finally settling down with a special someone and marrying them?
Use the comment box below and add yours, your opinion are highly appreciated

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