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Wife Of General Overseer In Baby Factory Scandal, Runs to USA



According to vanguard, Policemen attached to the Special Fraud Unit, Milverton, Ikoyi and those of  the Rivers State Police Command, are currently on the trail of a fleeing wife of the General Overseer of a popular Pentecostal Church (name withheld) in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, alleged to be operating the biggest baby factory in the southern part of the country.
The suspect identified  as Emeka Precious Chinyere, was alleged to have sold babies to desperate women between N 2.5 million and N6million. Her beneficiaries, we gathered,  come from all parts of the world.
Emeka Precious Chinyere
Her modus oparandi  as gathered, included giving  desperate women  concoction which would  make their stomachs to start protruding, until the day of delivery.  However, the delivery process  is said to  shrouded in mystery which the Police is trying to unravel.
It was gathered that most of the beneficiaries were women who had waited for years without bearing children. The amount paid for each pregnancy as gathered, varied according to the age of the individual and the period of waiting.
This illicit business has reportedly  been going  at  God’ s Gift Clinic and Maternity home  located at number 16 School Road ,  Elelenmo area  of  Port Harcourt , Rivers State, for years until the bubble burst, following   a petition  to the Commissioner of Police in  charge of the Police Special Fraud Unit, by the United States of America Consulate, to investigate an America based- Nigerian woman  who applied for  American passport for her little baby.  The US-based Nigerian identified as Christiana Ogeyi Omagu, with Nigerian passport number  AO49173747 and US passport 458926040   , according to the US Consulate, appeared at the consulate in pursuance of a US passport for a male child  she claimed to have delivered at God’ s Gift Clinic and Maternity , Port Harcourt , Rivers State.
However, when a  DNA paternity and maternity test was  conducted, the   result according to the  embassy, indicated that the applicant and her  husband,  Donald Omagu , were  not the biological parents  of the baby.
In spite of the result, the embassy said Mrs Omagu  insisted   that a certain doctor she identified as  Chinyere Precious, took her delivery at God’ s Gift Clinic and Maternity in Rivers State, hence, the  petition to ascertain her claim.
During preliminary investigation, the Police Special Fraud Unit  reportedly discovered that several embassies  had petitioned them  over similar cases, with the mention  of the General Overseer’s wife as the doctor that delivered them of their ‘miracle babies’
It would be recalled that a similar instance was that of one  Esther Soyebo, who , two years ago, was arrested following a petition from the US embassy over same reason. During interrogation, the woman told journalists that she was introduced to Pastor Chinyere  by a friend in the  USA who claimed to have had her three children miraculously from her. The suspect also stated that she paid N2.5 million for the prepared concoction she took , after which her stomach began to bulge .  But efforts by operatives to locate the maternity home were futile as  the woman claimed not to know the exact location of the centre. She  claimed that she was taken there at night and that she left very early the next morning.
But a combined team of operatives from the Unit and those of the Rivers state Police command stormed  the maternity home recently where a near gun battle was reportedly averted, following resistance from  armed policemen from the Special Protecting Unit , who blocked access to her.
I have never witness any child delivery- Nurse
However, a nurse identified as Peace Effiong  and a supposed expectant mother were arrested at the maternity home in Rivers state   and brought to SFU, Lagos.
In her statement to the Police, the arrested  nurse revealed that  no child had ever been delivered  in the maternity since she was employed.
According to   her: “ I was employed just six months ago and I have never witnessed any child birth there. Anytime a pregnant women is due for delivery,  she is usually taken to Dr Chinyere’s  home at Harvest Assembly Avenue, Stallion Road,  Elelenwo. That is all I can say “
I paid N2.5 million for pregnancy and delivery
On the part of the America- based Nigerian suspect, she disclosed in her statement that she paid N 2.5 million to the  fleeing doctor  before she got pregnant..
She explained  that she came to Nigeria in February last year , after she was introduced to Dr Chinyere. “ One month later, the doctor said I  was pregnant and  I went back to my  base in the USA , with the hope of delivering the baby in one of the hospitals over there.  But several  medical tests  carried out in the United  States indicated that I  was not pregnant and I began to doubt. Dr Chinyere who visited America at that time, assured  I was pregnant and advised me to come  down to Nigeria to deliver the baby . By   February this year, she called and informed me  to come down to Nigeria ,  that I was due. I  was delivered of a baby boy on February 16, 2014, at the maternity home”
But the result of the DNA test by the embassy showed that neither she nor her husband were biological parents of the supposed baby.  Asked if the delivery was a normal one  or through caesarian  , the suspect kept mute.
Another paid 2.9million
Another pregnant woman , Victoria  Acholonu , who was arrested at the maternity home, told operatives that “ I paid N2.9 for the pregnancy. Dr. Chinyere called me on the phone to inform that my delivery was due . That was why I came to her hospital , only to be arrested. Again, when a text was conducted to ascertain her true state, the result  showed that  she was not pregnant, even with the evident bulging stomach.
Sounding frustrated, Acholonu disclosed that she was not the only one that had fallen a victim. “ I know  some people who said they paid more that N2.5million. Some claimed to have even  paid
N6 m , depending on their condition.
Information  at the operatives  disposal  indicated that the  wife of the general overseer had fled to the United States of America.
Police sources hinted that several attempts to arrest her proved abortive as some eminent Nigerians in key positions always intervened.  Police sources said :  “ the woman is very powerful , that is why she has managed to beat police arrest. She has been very evasive to the police at PSFU despite the numerous evidences against her.  She was once arrested by the Police at Elelenwo divisional police station , after one of her victims’ husband became suspicious and invited the police , who invaded her home at the point of delivery but she escaped justice after an unidentified ‘ powerful man  from ‘ above intervened “
However the Commissioner of Police, Rivers State , Mr.  Tunde Ogunsakin has assured his command  would  ensure the suspect is arrested.   As first step, he said  the command would  ascertain id the woman was a medical doctor.

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