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Why The New Airtel Internet Bundles for Android Devices Sucks



Nigeria Telecommunications services provider, Airtel Nigeria, has taken yet another wrong step in providing mobile Internet service for Nigeria as it announces the introduction of Internet Bundles for Android devices.
Airtel claimed that the new data plan is first of its kind in the country, that it is consistent with its key objective of providing innovative and affordable mobile Internet solutions that will make life simpler, exciting and more enjoyable for telecoms consumers across the country, but I can boldly tell you that it’s way far from data.
The Bundle plan comes in two variants,
Data Code Price
Android 2.0 -2GB data  Code *437# N2,000
Android 4.5 -4.5GB data Code*438# N3,500

Both  are valid for 30 days. And have different burn rates, meaning the 2GB won’t actually be 2GB, maybe 500MB. And the 4.5GB maybe 1.5GB
But the point is that Airtel should focus more on the burn rate of their data, rather than to continue releasing useless data plan. And thinking that they are doing Nigerians good by doing so .
Believe me when I tell you that the 2GB Airtel will offer you won’t even worth up to 500MB.
And the price they offer for the new data plans for android is way too high compared to what other network (service provides) offers.

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