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Bad News For Bloggers, Ireporters TV To Slash Earning to $1 Per 1000 Click



As from 29th of July 2014 Ireporters TV which is know as the No 1 TV site in Africa, will change their Earning rate from $5 to $1 per 1000 view. The is for traffic coming from Africa .
Below is the message from Ireporters TV
On the 29th of July 2014, we are going to change the rate we pay for traffic.
In the past 18 months, we have been working very hard to find both advertisers and sponsors in Africa, Asia and in most part of Europe that will buy the African traffic that you are sending us.
It has been very hard or almost impossible. Most advertisers, companies are not interested in buying African traffic because they said they do not buy things online.
Our sponsors and advertisers are only interested in traffic from UK, US, Canada and Australia. (We call these the TIER one countries)
As a result of this… we do not want traffic from the rest of the world because we cannot sell them or monetize them.
If you can, please send us traffic ONLY from those 4 countries listed above that we can monetize. We will pay you the agreed rate of $5 (N800) for 1000 videos clicks
Going forward, if you send us traffic from the other parts of the world, we will pay you a fixed rate of $1 (N160) for 1000 video clicks.
We have made the action your users is required to take for you to get paid easier as well. We are going to change it from video view to video clicks so you can earn more easily and quickly
It is important we stress this. iReportersTv is NOT a PPC (pay per click) platform for iPromoters BUT a PPV (pay per view).
We pay you for the views you send us as recorded by our Google analytics tracking tool not for the Bitly clicks.
If you send us a 1000 Bitly clicks that translates to zero video clicks, we will NOT pay you anything. ( A human being needs to watch the video for us to make money. If no one is watching the video we are not making money so we cannot pay you. The clicks does not matter to us in our platform)
If you send us 1000 Bitly clicks that converts to 1000 video clicks from our TIER one countries US, UK, Canada and Australia, we will pay you the fixed agreed $5.
If you send us 1000 Bitly clicks that coverts to 1000 video clicks from the rest of the world, we will pay $1.
To make this tracking easy for you, we are upgrading our dashboard. We will be adding more info so you can see and measure your promotion easily. The upgraded platform will have the following tables.
Bitly Clicks | Video clicks ROW | Video Revenue ROW | Video Rate ROW| Video clicks TIER1 | Video Revenue TIER1 | Video Rate TIER1 |
ROW = Rest of the world
TIER 1 = US UK Canada Australia
The Good news is… the amount we say we will pay is what you will get when you promote based on the video clicks.
We hope everything is clear now. If you have any question, send it to support. We will answer any question related to this.
Management Team

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