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Why Condemned And Freed Sudanese Woman was Rearrested!!!



She was trying to flee the same country that imprisoned her and her unborn child?
Meriam with her children in prison in Sudan
The now ‘infamous’ Sudanese woman who was condemned and later freed for converting into Christianity has been rearrested in Sudan.
According to reports, Meriam Yahya Ibrahim has again been apprehended, alongside her husband, Daniel Wani at an airport in Khartoum (Sudan’s capital) today, June 24.
It’s still unclear why the couple has been arrested but the 27 year old was recently released from prison yesterday after been forced to give birth in a Sudanese jail after her arrest for apostasy.
According to CNN, the couple were taken by the police while trying to leave Sudan and the reason for their arrest weren’t immediately available.
Why do you think Meriam Ibrahim and her husband has been arrested again?

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