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'Do Not Forgive Those Who Hurt You, Walk Away!"- Waje



Don’t let the sweet voice fool you, Waje talks tough!
Singer, Waje no doubt has one of the best voices in the music industry; she’s also a tough-talking lady who takes no prisoners when it comes to relationships, particularly the toxic ones.
Waje made this known when she put up the image below suggesting that one should be quick to walk away from toxic relationships. It also justified the need to remaining unforgiving, selfish and angry as “you don’t owe anyone an explanation for taking care of yourself”.
She further buttressed the point in the image with the following caption:
«”They say when you forgive those that hurt you, you take away their “power”. Story!!! You want to take away their power? Detox…leave them alone cos all they know is how to use the words I’m sorry but never mean it. They go right back to what makes them feel good, hurting you and justifying it. Shout out to real friends, good people that fear God not all these actors that even in their sleep they are acting a movie, always playing the villain.”
Do you agree with Waje? Should one remain unforgiving when things go bad in a relationship? Should you walk away when things go bad or should you remain and try to make things work. Share your thoughts with us.

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