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'I Have forgiven My Parents'–Chidi Mokeme



Nollywood actor, Chidi Mokeme recently expressed sadness towards how growing up was like for him due to the kind of discipline he got from his parents.
The actor narrated that he began his career as a model, but was unable to satisfy some of his needs as at that time, and as such, had to think of another means of survival.
Chidi noted that at the time he joined Nollywood, there was no money, stating that modeling was better off. He added that as a model, you already see yourself as an actor because every time you go out to model one product or the other, you have to take on a character.
The actor also pointed that it was war between him and his parents to come to terms with his chosen profession. He said that it had to take the intervention of some family friends before they got to appreciate his efforts.
He further disclosed that his father had to always lock the television and go out with the key so that none of them could have access to the TV and only leaves with the memory of some clips he might have watched and aspire to be there someday.
Chidi disclosed that his family were more interested in education and had to keep a close watch on him, but they never knew what he was up to. “So, now that I am doing well, I have forgiven them,” he said.

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