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I Know Where the Female Students Are but I Wont Tell Anybody ––Senator Opens Up



Nigeria is at a cross road and that is the explanation for this madness going on. While international community and countries like the USA, France, China, the UK are strategizing on how to rescue the over two hundreds girls kidnapped from their School in Chibok, Borno State, a Nigerian senator representing Borno North, Senator Ahmed Zanna, has said he wont tell anyone where the abducted girls are being kept.
As an insider, he was asked where the girls are, the senator said: “I won’t tell where they are being kept again because I have told the Federal Government where they are likely being kept before the video was released. Now that I saw the video, the vegetation in the clip confirmed what I have told them earlier.
“If they want to know where they are being kept, then the government should remember what I told them before. What I can tell you is that the girls are no longer here in Chibok.”
Senator Zanna made this declaration on Monday on CNN when he was being interviewed by Isha Sesay.
When the lawmaker was asked by the reporter about what he felt about the latest video released on Monday by the Boko Haram terror group showing some of the abducted school girls, the senator said he experienced mixed feelings when he saw the video.
Sen. Zanna opined that while he was happy to know that the kidnapped girls are still alive, he also informed that he felt sad to realise that the teenagers are being used as ransoms by the terrorists in exchange for some of the members captured by the military.
While saying he was privy to information about the movement of the insurgents when the girls were abducted, the Senator said he told security agents that contrary to their belief that the abducted girls were in Sambisa forest with their abductors, that they have since been split and ferried through Lake Chad to neighbouring countries among which he said were Chad, Niger and Cameroon.
Senator Zanna blamed the military for failure to rescue the girls before the development given that they got all the necessary information about the movement of the insurgents from him personally.

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