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Facts You Must Know About Sex.



During sex, what bring about excitement to the man is
the ability of the womanliness to hold the joystick tight and give it that sensation at the tip. There are thousands of unseen balls in the womanliness that
gives it this ability of tightness.
These balls continue to burst each time a girl engages herself in intimate intercourse and the more the
balls burst, the less elastic the womanliness becomes
rendering it not being able to hold the joystick tightly during sex.
A girl who changes guys like the way she changes her
pads stands the risk loosing more balls in Her womanliness.
Such girls always have their womanliness so loose to the extend that, guys with smaller joystick are not able to satisfy them and their partners don’t also enjoy them
during sex making them to now play ”away matches”.
Have u ever asked yourself why most guys are fond of
cheating on their partners? The truth is that they don’t
always get the kind of excitement they need from their
A girl who tries to abstain is likely to maintain
her womanliness in good shape for a long time and is also likely to keep her man to herself without cheating setting in.
Then coming to the spiritual aspect sex is a covenant, you should know that any person you have sex with then you have gone into covenant with him/her.
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