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24 year old Pregnant woman killed boyfriend because he didn't shop for her



A pregnant woman has been accused of fatally stabbing
her boyfriend because he didn’t’ buy anything for her at a shopping mall. Pregnant Phelan, who appeared in court today allegedly plunged a knife into Larry Martin’s left flank on April 30.Martin, 28, is the father of her unborn child and they lived together.
According to Chicago Tribune, Before the stabbing happened, Phelan, Martin, Martin’s 8-year-old son and 25-year-old cousin, a man, went shopping at a shopping mall. On the way home, Phelan accused Martin of being selfish because he bought things
for his cousin and son but not for her.
She struck Martin while he was driving, almost causing an accident, and after she drove to Martin’s mother’s home to drop off shoes for Martin’s brother, she kicked and scratched Martin before driving away in his car, leaving Martin, his 8-year-old and Martin’s cousin outside.
The three walked to the couple’s nearby apartment and
when Phelan arrived about the same time, she and
Martin began arguing again and she locked the three
outside..Martin banged on the door until she opened it
and once inside, Phelan stabbed Martin in his side with
a knife. The boy entered the apartment directly behind
Martin and saw Phelan stabbing him. The cousin heard Martin scream in pain and ran into the apartment. The cousin applied pressure to the wound and helped him outside to the sidewalk where Martin collapsed and the cousin called 911, Martin’s 8-year-old saw Phelan as she stood over him on the sidewalk, screaming:
“This is what you get for messing with me,’’“I hope you die, mother f—–,’’ Phelan’s sister,Arnesia claimed Martin had been physically abusing her sister but she only recently found out when the 24-year-old canceled her baby shower this past Sunday.
“We knew something was wrong,’’ said Arnesia Phelan adding her sister didn’t seem like herself lately.
Her sister said their family hadn’t even met Martin
even though they lived together. “She was excited about being pregnant,’’

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