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Woman Steals Three-Month-Old Baby From Friend



The Police Command of Benue State confirmed on April 21, 2014, Monday that a three-month-old baby had been stolen in the capital city of the state, Makurdi.
The incident happened on Inikpi Street, High Level of the city, at about 8.00 pm on April 19, 2014, Saturday. The police have already opened full investigation into the matter. One suspect was arrested, while several others were on the run. A prime suspect was identified as Chichi. The lady came to Makurdi to adopt a baby, but was rejected by the government officials.
The mother of the missing baby, Msendoo Ikyavngi, confirmed that the baby was stolen in her house.
The suspect, who was also the girlfriend of Ikyavngi’s neighbour, Mr Amos, came to the house of the poor mother, tricked her nanny and took the baby away. The mother was not at home at the time of the
incident. She went to buy some food items.
The baby was crying all the time and Chichi offered to placate her.
The suspect sent the nanny to get some water. But once the nanny left, Chichi escaped the house taking the baby with her.
Ikyavngi added that she knew the prime suspect, and both ladies used to have good relations.
The whereabouts of Chichi were unknown at the time of filing the present report. Police failed to contact her, despite multiple attempts.

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