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"You’re the real sponsor of insurgents' – Jonathan to Nyako



The altercation between the Presidency and the
Adamawa State governor, Admiral Murtala Nyako
(rtd) worsened yesterday as the former described the
governor as a sponsor of insurgents, alleging that Nyako recently ‘imported’ some Fulani fighters into the country.
At the weekend, Nyako wrote his fellow northern
governors, asking them to join him in instituting a legal
action against President Goodluck Jonathan whom he
accused of embarking on ethnic cleansing by ensuring that the ongoing insurgent acts persist in the North.
He also accused the President of deliberately refusing to grant amnesty to the Boko Haram members in
furtherance of what he described as his approach of
German dictator, Adolf Hitler to wipe out the northern people.
But reacting yesterday, President Jonathan said it was unfortunate that such statements could come from a governor, saying it is an indication that Nyako is not fit to be a governor.
Speaking for his principal through a statement, the
Special Adviser to the President on Public Affairs,
Dr. Doyin Okupe, said Nyako should actually be linked with promotion of insurgent acts in the North.
Reacting, Okupe wrote: “It is perhaps necessary to
request the Adamawa Governor to publish his yearly
budget for the past five years and disclose how much has been voted or spent to support the war on terror or assist victims of insurgents activities in his state.
“The public will recall that only recently, the governor
was publicly attacked by a group of angry youths who
accused him of non-challance and failure to support
victims of Boko Haram’s murderous onslaught on
innocent citizens of the state.
“We also wish to remind Nigerians that this same
Governor Nyako was recently quoted as having boasted openly that now that the Fulani herdsman can assemble the AK47 gun, ‘the security equilibrium in the country is now balanced.’ The same man was reported to have imported some Fulanis from outside the country and spent millions of Naira in rehabilitating, feeding, housing and catering for their welfare.”
The Presidency also took exception to Nyako’s remarks that Jonathan is from the Eastern Region which was responsible for killing northern the political elite on the 15th of January 1966, describing such as capable of embarrassing the military which is the governor’s constituency.
“Similarly, the Adamawa state governor referred to the Boko Haram terrorist group as a “phantom
organization” which he believes does not exist! How
“In his unwise and desperate attempt to demonise the
Federal Government, Governor Nyako likened the
military operations against insurgents to the activities of German dictator, Adolf Hitler! In his befuddled mind and apparent hallucination, the Federal Government should be held responsible for the activities of insurgents in the North- East and the sad killings, wanton destruction, murder and kidnapping of school children as well as other horrendous activities of Boko Haram should be hung on the neck of the Federal Government!
He therefore invited his colleague northern governors to join him to sue the Federal Government. This definitely defies common sense and portrays Mr. Nyako as unfit for the hallowed position of a state governor,” Okupe averred.
In urging Nigerians to ignore the governor, the
Presidency noted: “It is obvious that Governor Nyako’s opposition to the declaration of a State of Emergency in three affected states of the North-East as well as his repeated calls for the withdrawal of the military from troubled states without any credible alternative or security roadmap, is an open endorsement of the activities of the insurgents which is meant to provide them unrestricted opportunity to further unleash terror on innocent citizens, in order to precipitate chaos, further instability, mayhem and anarchy.”

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