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Lady recounts how she found out her father funds her bestie’s lifestyle



Lady narrates how she discovered that her father had been the one bankrolling her bestie’s lifestyle.

The young lady took to social media to reveal a discovery that almost made her feel like life should end.

According to her, she found out that her friend had a sugar daddy who was financially taking care of her lifestyle.

According to her, she and her friend were busy spending the sugar daddy’s money.

However, she was shocked when she realized that the sugar daddy was her own father.

She wrote;

“Me getting a new wig for myself cause life didn’t end when i found out my friend’s sugar daddy that we were both chopping he’s money was my dad”

Read some comments from netizens:

kennedyexcel said: “You’re lucky no be Saida boj meet your papa you for no get data dey post this this..”

harnessclosett said: “I say eeh many fathers Dey traumatize their daughters”

nzubechiii said: “If you have a good bf, good brothers, good father, good husband, or good men in your life, don’t take them for granted. Always appreciate them, because na yeye men full outside”

teeh_lyfstyle said: “TikTokers and that bird app I no know who lie pass.”

wardrobe_obssession said: “This gist sounds familiar friend of mine also suffered the same fate, her bestie/ roommate was dating her dad and she didn’t know”

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