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“How my husband became impotent after having affair with my mother” – Lady opens up



A lady identified as Anne Ndungu has bravely shared her ordeal online, exposing the shocking reality behind her husband’s affair with her own mother.

In an exclusive interview with Tuko, the young woman opened up on a series of traumatic events that left her homeless and scarred, both physically and emotionally.

During the interview, the woman recounted how her world turned upside down when she discovered that her husband had been engaging in an illicit affair.

She went on to recount how she stumbled upon the disturbing truth of her husband’s infidelity, only to be confronted with even more horrifying consequences.

According to Anne, her husband’s affair with her mother allegedly led to him becoming impotent.

The details of how this purported impotence came to be remain shrouded in mystery.

Anne revealed that her husband claimed to have developed impotence following his affair with her mother-

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