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Wicked World: See How These Men Were Killed After Winning Millons From Betting



Everyone should be really careful and be mindful of people you give full information about your self not everyone likes you or happy to see a progress in your life the world we are today is wicked.

In this article am going to write how a young man was killed after winning a bet that is going to change his life for good. But his story was cut short because the wickedness of man won’t allow him to. the hatred and jealousy of man is out of this world.

Please learn to keep good things personal when it comes to promotion, money, academic success because not everyone love to see your prosper.

It was reported a young boy named Jimoh won a bet of 47,000 GHc after he was thinking of the joy and things he will use the money for positive impact to improve his life. It was reported be was shot and gun dead by an unknown men that how his story was cut short till today.

Another act of this wickedness happened again when a boy named prince was stabbed to death by unknown men after it was confirmed he won 235,000 GHc on sport betting.

He was just 27 years old when this sudden death came and till date his still mourn by his family members.

The one that more heart braking is a story of a young man age 28 years named Joseph who was also brutally murdered by unknown man after confirmed he won 124,000 Ghc on sport bet.

His dead body was thrown along the road side after he was confirmed dead with many deep wounds on his body.

It was said Joseph left the home that morning with out informing anyone his where about. After some few hours they got the news he was confirmed death.

And the person that killed him took the documents and all file to claim the money. The case is still investigation with the police but no positive feed back on who killed Joseph.

Here is the picture of late Joseph and his dad;

Rest in peace to the people who lost their life’s in an age of brake through

everyone should be really careful is not everyone that is close to you is your friend……

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