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DEBORAH’S DEATH: Pastor Paul Enenche Drops Bible Verses As He Reveals What Believers Need To Do (Details below)



“Let’s assume the Law says the punishment for murdering someone is not death, then what does the Bible tell us? In Genesis 9:6, the killer should not just walk as a free man.

In Exodus 22:2, if a man wants to destroy other people and the people he came to destroy attacked him, there is nothing wrong.

In Proverbs 26:27, whatever you ask shall be given to you. Let’s go to New Testament in the Book of Revelation 13:10, he that attacketh must be attacked.

“We need to defend ourselves before someone will walk into our rooms to finish us. Being a believer doesn’t mean you should fold your hands and wait for the Lord to come from Heaven to help you on what you could help yourself. He said it that what you sow is what you shall reap “.

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