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Daddy Freeze threatens to bring Nigerians back home in mass from the UK



Popular media personality, Daddy Freeze has threatened to repatriate the Nigerian population back home in large numbers from the United Kingdom.

In a widely shared video, Daddy Freeze sent a warning across to Nigerians, threatening to work with UK authorities to bring them back home in mass.

He asserted that because of him, Nigerians will no longer be able to obtain a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) visa ever again.

As long as he keeps seeing their greed, his anger will be triggered.

He claimed that the Nigeria citizens are unaware of how big he is and collaborating with the British government to carry out his threat is not at all difficult.

Daddy Freeze noted that he has decided to fight for himself and there will be casualties.

It is worth noting that Daddy Freeze had a recent clash online with controversial activist, VeryDarkMan.

Read netizens reactions below:

lil__bliss said: “Queen Elizabeth last born….Weldone ooo Prince daddyfreeze”

junuel_uche wrote: “Dey play… If Nigerians table your matter ehh you go regret am.”

mcm_did_it noted: “Na VDM cause this one. VDM is indeed strong. Respect ”

xxssive penned: “Nothing pain me pass person when sabi criticize and can’t take it ”

steph_naija said: “You’re over rating yourself, I blame your followers making you feel important ”

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