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“This talk of ‘fear women’ is only said by weak men, try and understand them” – Reno Omokri says



Reno Omokri is of the opinion that the phrase ‘’fear women” is only peddled by weak men. 

Posting via his Instagram page, Omokri wrote;

‘’All this talk of ‘fear women’ is irritating, because it is only said by weak men. Everything in creation was created by God and, therefore, not to be feared. God will not create anything that should make you afraid. Anything that will make you afraid is a challenge to God. What makes you afraid of anything in God’s creation is ignorance. The less you know about a thing, the more you fear it.

Even demons have no power over you once you completely understand them and their limitations. The only Being you should fear, and only in a reverential way, is God. Other than that, fear nothing. If you feel afraid of anything, that does not indicate that you should run away and hide. That is an indication that you should study and understand it. There is no animal on Earth that a man, like you, has not tamed.

And no mountain on Earth that a person, like you, has not climbed. Stop being afraid of what God created you to dominate! Fear only occupies the place in your mind that knowledge is meant to inhabit. Rather than fear women, you are meant to understand them!”

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