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Baby Who Was Buried Alive By Mother Survives After Spending 6hrs Trapped Under Soil



A newborn baby miraculously survived spending six hours trapped beneath soil after being buried alive by her mother.

The mother, 23, from Uganda, buried her baby in a garden just moments after giving birth with no medical assistance.

A case report from January states the newborn girl was buried during the night, and was not discovered until 11am the following morning.

The mother’s family members had discovered grisly trails of blood in the garden near her family home, leading them directly to the burial site.

After making an urgent call to the emergency services, medics rushed to the home to rescue the trapped infant who was found still attached to the placenta.

Miraculously, the baby was also showing signs of limb movement when touched and was taking worryingly shallow breaths.

Horror images showed the child covered in deep cuts and bruises, following the pressure of being stuck underground overnight.

Covered in mud and blood, the baby was pulled from the makeshift grave as medics scrambled to save her.

They immediately cleaned the baby and separated her from the placenta by clamping and cutting the remainder of the umbilical chord.

With tensions rising, they waiting for any other signs of life until a few minutes passed the newborn passed a weak cry.

According to the case report, the child was cold to the touch and her skin had turned ‘bluish’ after being buried throughout the night.

The newborn had been cleaned at the site but doctors dashed to sterilise the wounds that still had traces of dirt in a bid to save the child from developing any infections.

She was placed in an incubator and received oxygen via nasal prongs as medics marvelled at how the tiny girl had survived the ordeal.

Further examinations revealed she had suffered no injuries to her heart, stomach, or any other organs.

Just six later, the newborn was discharged from hospital and was back to breathing normally without an oxygen supply within 24-hours.

The newborn is now being raised by her grandmother, after her mother was taken into custody by local authorities for attempted infanticide.

She was then reportedly placed in a correctional centre, before being transferred to a psychiatric facility.

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