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Oyinbo man gifts Nigerian student N1.5 million, launches GoFundMe campaign on his behalf for helping him without knowing him (Watch)



A Nigerian student studying abroad has become the recipient of a generous gift of N1.5 million after extending a helping hand to a stranger, an Oyinbo man, in need.

The Oyinbo man, identified as Zachery Dereniowski became the beneficiary of a kind act by a 34-year-old international student named Kayode.

The encounter occurred in a library, where Zachery Dereniowski, expressing his hunger, was offered a pack of food by Kayode.

Touched by the unexpected gesture of kindness, Zachery Dereniowski decided to pay it forward in an extraordinary manner.

In a video capturing the moment, Zachery surprised Kayode with $1000 in cash, acknowledging the Nigerian student’s selflessness.

Moved by Kayode’s situation, Zachery Dereniowski took to social media to share their story and launched a GoFundMe campaign to rally support for Kayode’s dire financial circumstances.

According to Zachery, Kayode is on the verge of eviction from his apartment and is struggling to afford his school tuition.

He wrote;

“Kyode is a 34-year-old international student from Nigeria who simply helped me today at the library because I was a stranger who was hungry. Kyode is on the brink of being evicted from his apartment and cannot afford school tuition. Although he is going through a lot personally, he still found it in his heart to help me.

“After I surprised Kyode with $1000 cash, he told me, “If you are hard-working and have the right view, God will send help to you. Favour will find you. Kindness will find you.”

“Let’s all come together and show Kyode the power of the internet and bless him. 100% of the funds raised will go towards Kyode’s tuition and living expenses. Since Kyode helped me, let’s help him. Be kind and love always.”

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