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“Let your new boyfriend meet your needs” – Lady heartbroken as ex-boyfriend retrieves container shop he built for her after breakup (Watch)



A young man has caused a buzz online after a video surfaced of him reclaiming a container shop he reportedly constructed for his now ex-girlfriend following their breakup.

The incident reportedly occurred in Ghana, and a video capturing the unusual scene has gone viral, prompting a wave of reactions online.

The video shared online, shows a group of men carrying away a container as directed by the ex-boyfriend.

The peculiar scene unfolds on a dusty path, with the ex-boyfriend providing instructions to the crew involved in the removal process.

The controversial move has sparked a wave of reactions online, with netizens expressing a range of opinions on the ex-boyfriend’s actions.

Netizens Reactions…
mz_potable said; “I know some people will call him petty 🤣 But if I’m a guy and I bought stuff like this then you broke up with me , madam your current bf should buy you another because I’m so collecting my stuff back…”

bimbolatoks_ said; “He simply wants the new bf to meet her at the point he met her. He doesn’t want the new guy to meet an independent lady. Make he also meet the broke lady he met 😂😂😂.”

cyril_unusual said; “We the committee of good guys are happy with u sir…… Let her new bf buy her another container 😂😂”

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ogesnazzy said; “But I will do the same as a woman, you and your new lover cannot use my money and be enjoying yourself.”

ijobawestman said; “(MSM) Men Supporting Men 👏”

stemz_magik said; “Na so Ghana people vex go carry church wey dem build for pastor that time too 😂😂😂”

mabeibrahim8 said; “When you village people stand with you😂😂😂😂. You can move mountains 😂”

iamstepee said; “Yes their contract is over idan.”

officialskyz said; “At least this one is carry-able, no send am to school o, you no go see certificate collect 😂.”

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