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“No forgive am, breakup with her” – Drama as Nigerian man punishes girlfriend, orders her to kneel for disliking Davido



A Nigerian man sparks attention on social media as he punishes his girlfriend, ordering her to kneel down after she reportedly told him she doesn’t like Davido.

This is depicted in a video captioned: “She says she doesn’t like Davido, should I forgive her?”

In the video, a beautiful young girl believed to be the girlfriend can be seen kneeling on the tiles with her hands gently placed around her.

Meanwhile, a man believed to be the boyfriend is seen on the bed with only his leg visible.

The caption of the video suggests that the boyfriend punished his girlfriend because she claimed she does not like Nigerian singer, Davido.

The video sparked discussion on social media, with people flooding the comment page to react after it went online.

See some reactions below:

kimberlyjackson223: “No forgive am ….. even breakup with her.”

MD’☑️🥷: “Give her last chance, ask her again if she like Davido to see what she will said.”

Pretty🌺LASTBORN💕: “she no like Davido and she still dey smile, bro her birthday gift should be Davido’s picture frame.”

UrfavNigerian: “As a Wizkid FC why u go date 30 bingos 😹you wea no fit use Davido song do video dey punish Wizkid FC. free that girl before hand touch u.”

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oilmoney32: “Oga leave that girl davido na person before 😡 fc for life.”

KhingEhrick: “just pity am but play Davido songs make she dance for two hours.”

Amanda: “Abeg forgive her na Davido she no like no b you 😅If she like Davido how she wan come take love you.”

Yung califa: “Just leave her first we go pack her go her mama house around 2 for night.”


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