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“Eating groundnut can damage your liver” – Aproko doctor reveals



In a recent development, Aproko doctor known for his wide and controversial takes on health, has once again come out with an important PSA to Nigerians.

In a video which he shared on his Instagram page, he advised Nigerians to be cautious when eating groundnuts. However, he went on to reveal specific reasons why he was advising on this.

He expressed that groundnuts, especially the burnt types and the ones that do not taste so good, have a particular toxin in them which is harmful to our body system. He also expressed that this toxin can damage the liver long term.

He advised netizens who continue to eat groundnuts, even when they’ve gone bad and even when they do not taste good, to stop doing it as it could be endangering their health.

Now also recall that sometime last year, Aproko doctor had cautioned people who always eat swallow foods without trying to chew it. He expressed that chewing food was extremely important and it aids the digestion system.

He also further expressed that people who are always in a hurry to eat their foods and who hardly chew it risk having complications with their digestive system as the stomach was structured to accept foods in tiny bits.

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Now recall that back in September, he shared a very surprising insight about kitchen sponge. In a shocking declaration that left many mouths agape, he revealed that an average kitchen sponge harbours much more germs and bacteria than a toilet seat.

He revealed that this is because while most toilet seats are often washed, a kitchen sponge is hardly ever cleaned. He also went on to give out some advice on how netizens can take care of their kitchen sponge going forward.

He advised them to use bleach or also make use of hot water to be able to remove all of the bacteria and germs before washing plates and their kitchen utensils with the sponge.

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