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Angry boy beats police officer mercilessly at roadside for shooting his Benz tyre, causing him to crash



A violent altercation between a sakawa boy and a policeman, resulting in an accident has in Nigeria, raising many concerns on social media. As per reports, the sakawa boy was driving his new Mercedes Benz in the area on a Wednesday afternoon when some police officers attempted to stop him.

Despite their efforts, he continued driving, prompting one of the officers to shoot at his tire. The Benz subsequently overturned, sustaining significant damage, though fortunately, the driver escaped injury.

The motorist then attempted to leave his car behind and return later, possibly to arrange for its towing. However, the officer confronted him, leading to a physical altercation. In the ensuing scuffle, the motorist appeared to gain the upper hand as he tried to disarm the officer who had shot at his tire.

During the struggle, the motorist managed to knock down the armed police officer with his elbow, causing the officer to stagger and struggle to regain his balance. Upon recovering, the officer cocked his gun, prompting nearby residents to flee in fear for their safety..

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