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“Should I tell her” — Lady who lives with sister and her husband seeks advice over his insistence to sleep with her



Young lady who cohabits with her sister and her husband seeks advice over pressure from the man to sleep with her by all means.

The young lady had sent a message to popular Instagram community leader, Diaryofanaijagirl, sharing her problems.

According to her, the pressure started right from when she was in the university but then she lived away from them so it was not a big problem.

However after school, she started living in their home and it has been hell for her.

At every minor opportunity, he reiterates his desire to sleep with her and despite her unwillingness to comply, he keeps on pressuring her.

He has even made promises to set her up financially as soon as she obliges with his request.

She is currently in a dilemma as she doesn’t want her sister’s marriage to end because of her but she is getting fed up.

The young lady admits she doesn’t have enough money to move out of their home yet so that is not even a possible solution for the problem.

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