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Police and road union workers allegedly kill OOU student in Ogun, make it look like motor accident (graphic photo)



Police officers attached to the Ago-Iwoye police station in Ogun State and some road union workers have been accused of killing a student of the Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) Ago Iwoye, Onadipe Oluwatosin, and passing off his death as a motor accident.

One Oluwabunmi Michael Ayoyemi, who disclosed this in a post on Tuesday, January 2, 2023, said the deceased, also known as Peckulia, was declared missing after he went to the Ago-Iwoye park to preach the gospel.

His family reportedly went to the Ago-Iwoye police station and filed a missing person report.

A week later, Oluwatosin’s mangled body was found on Ijebu-Ijesha road.

It was gathered that the family was made to believe that he had died in a motor accident.

However, an eyewitness reached out anonymously to the family and narrated how a former chairman of the Ago-Iwoye motor park allegedly hit Oluwatosin in the head with an iron rod.

The student reportedly collapsed on the ground, bleeding profusely.

According to the witness, the park chairman and his men accused the deceased of disturbance when he came to preach the gospel.

They tried to chase him away but he refused to leave and continued preaching the gospel.

“On Sunday 17th of December, Onadipe Oluwatosin (Peckulia) was said to have gone to Ago-Iwoye park (chips) to preach the gospel to people,” Ayoyemi narrated.

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According to an eye witness, the park chairman accused him of disturbing his peace, the Marijuana smoking park Chairman and his people decided to chased him, after which he refused to leave but continue with the gospel

“Then all of a sudden a man who was confirmed as the former park chairman knocked him on the head with a heavy vulcanizer iron rod, which left him bleeding profusely and some had to leave the scene immediately for safety purpose and the Ago-Iwoye police station was called to intervene.

“No one went near Oluwatosin to help him or even rush him to a nearby hospital till the Police got there, and people thought he was going to finally get medical attention, but instead he went missing for more than a week.

The family even went to this police station to file a case of missing person in which nothing was even said to the Family, only for his de@d body to be found on ljebu-ljesha road in what looked like a motor accident, The family was also made to believe they had lost their son in a tragic motor accident.

Thank God for a God fearing eye witness who decided to reach out anonymously to the family member about what he saw and relayed that he last saw Oluwatosin (Peckulia) at the park and that a man knocked him hard on the head with a heavy iron rod which made him fall to the ground and started bleeding profusely, but that their bus left the garage not long after and he couldn’t say what happened after but that he heard the Police have been called and was also told by the driver carrying them that the man who knocked him was a former park chairman.

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To cut the long story short, after few arrests, interrogations and questioning at the park(chips) there were confessions that the Police were actually the one who carried Oluwatosin (Peckulia) away in their van but not for medical attention.

They carried him to the spot where he was found, threw away his phone and made it all look like a motor accident.

They made sure they carried him far away to a spot out of their jurisdiction and even when the body was found, reports wouldn’t be made at their own police station.

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