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Borrowed Airtime? Good News For You As MTN Erases All Customer Debts (use this code to check yours)



In a sudden development, MTN has reportedly wiped away all unpaid balances for its customers. While the telecommunications giant has yet to disclose specific details about this initiative, customers are encouraged to confirm the status of their accounts using a straightforward code..

To check if your debt has been cleared, simply dial *310# and follow the instructions. MTN users are advised to seize this opportunity to promptly verify their account status. Presently, the company has not provided a comprehensive explanation of the debt clearance.

Keep an eye out for updates, as we eagerly await an official statement from MTN via SMS or their official communication channels. In the interim, subscribers are urged to use the provided code to ensure that their outstanding debts have been successfully removed.

This unexpected move by MTN is likely to bring relief to numerous customers who may have been burdened by outstanding balances. Stay tuned for further details as the situation continues to unfold.


Mtn just confirmed that the cleared debt was a glitch

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