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Man reveals how toxic relationship made him stay single for over two years



A Nigerian man on the microblogging platform, X, has revealed how after his experience in a toxic relationship, he has sworn off the dating scene for over two years now.

A Twitter user, @MrMekzy_, had put out a tweet asking fellow X users when they realized they were in a toxic relationship.

The man user, @Cropzzzz, quoted the tweet while narrating his own experience. He said;

“Bro she locked me inside my room for 3 days and went out with my keys, my guys hard to break the door bro it was terrible event after that day in 2021 I have been single till now”

He also added that he saw her recently at a restaurant in May this year.

Many Netizens are left shocked by this and have taken to the comments to share their reactions.

See some reactions below:

@a2tobi asked: So what happened when you saw her…Learn to stop dropping stories that are not complete and have no ending …Come back here

@ebukarrhh said: She locked you inside your room for three days 😳😳😳

@perfectwrights said: 3 days? Omo. Left to starve too?

@He_reigns01 said: When you later see the babe, you rest or rant?

@ade_sabii said: chai! una dey go through things sha.

@phil_roman_ said: 3 days? U no get spare key? Abi na padlock u Dey use?

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@_Eddyfranklin said: You are a liar. 3 days? You couldn’t break the door in 2hrs?

@victori97904380 said: Na for movie it take happen jor😂😂bros no dey whine person,haaaaaaaa

@son_of_ogba said: God forbid evil

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