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3 Reasons Why Israel May Never Be Defeated By Any Country In A War



Here are three reasons why Israel might never be defeated by any country in a war.

1. Well Equipped Military.

The air force, the ground forces, the navy, and military intelligence make up Israel’s defense forces. All of these forces are well-trained and equipped with the most advanced weaponry in the world.

Because they’re all outfitted with cutting-edge technology, these weapons of war make it easy for their users to engage in combat and win. This makes them dangerously unpredictable because they’re skilled in the air, water, and on the ground.

2. God.

The Israelites’ strength comes from God, who is their source of power. The Israelites can rest assured that he will uphold his end of the bargain. As a result, they are almost always victorious in their battles.

3. Support from the United States.

A major area of cooperation between Israel and the United States relates to the fight against Jihadism. US aid to Israel is substantial, both in terms of money and manpower. The United States also lends its support to Israel in international forums, giving them sway..

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