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Trouble in church as pastor allegedly uses tithe and offering money to buy car for side chic (Watch Video)



Social media has been abuzz with a video clip that alleges a pastor has misused church funds, stirring controversy and discussion among the faithful and skeptics alike.

The shocking video surfaced online, drawing attention from netizens and churchgoers. It suggests that the pastor has potentially used tithes and offerings – traditionally meant for the advancement of the church and its charity works – to purchase a luxury car for someone reported to be his ‘side chic.’

The clip showed a number of church members voicing their concerns, demanding transparency and accountability regarding the church’s financial dealings.

They caused chaos in the church as service was interrupted and different angry voices could be heard.

Watch the video below:

The video, which has been shared widely, has led to significant outcry, with many questioning the ethics and integrity of church leadership. Some reactions are shown below:

cuzzygirls said, “No joy in this country ”

jrndukwe said, “This looks more like boys of the community attacking the church”.

i_am_mickypepper said, “This can’t be church members with beer bottles in their hands o”.

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