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“I will resurrect Mohbad if am allowed to see his dead body” – prophet vows



Oba Ewulomi, a Nigerian prophet, has vowed to resurrect the late Afrobeat singer Mohbad, who died twelve days ago.

This follows the autopsy of the singer’s body, which was exhumed and put in the morgue by police..

In a video that has since stirred emotions from fans of the late singer, prophet Ewulomi swore to wake Mohbad if he’s given access to his body.

“Mohbad can still live again whether you are a believer or not. Let me see his body; give me access to his body. With the power of God, I can wake him,” he said in part.

He pressed on to state that the late singer’s death was a homicide done by an insider while naming Mohbad’s father as a suspect. He added that the other suspects include the late singer’s friend, the nurse and a third party at the hospital where he was taken.

Watch the video below …

Reacting to the post;

maccoded: Please lets take him there… let him have access to his body please .

god_win_6: Sure you will see mohbad but only if we going to send you to go and meet him.

legendpaapi: Make they take him to where MOH they and if he no wake up make them give him 100years in prison.. that’s my final judgement.

otrege_muyonmuyon: Wonders shall never end,what God cannot do doesn’t exist 🙏 😂,give him a chance before given him a trials.

opssy_3300′: And if he come’s back to life truly..can you relate will m normally as before that he was alive hun?make i know una mind oo first..

hypediva_zeeynee: Una too like Nollywood things for this Africa 😖 kinigbogbo eleyi 😂 You all will just pick up a phone and start recording who is your director ? 😂 There is nothing God can’t do sha but then let’s take always Nollywood scene from reality 😂.

shekemi4465: Just promise us say if him no wake up make we berry you with am.

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