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“See Money” – Lucky Fisherman Catches Big Honeycomb Fish Worth Thousands of Naira



An unidentified African fisherman has caught a big honeycomb fish worth thousands of naira. TikTok blog, @porche_blog, shared a video of the big catch lying on the ground as people gathered to watch it.

According to the blog, the fisherman consumed the massive catch with his friends, an action that was frowned upon by internet users. The blog claimed the fish is worth $ 3.1 million (Over N2 billion).

The honeycomb fish, scientifically known as Anthias anthias, derives its name from the intricate honeycomb-like patterns that adorn its vibrant body and are often found in the warm waters of coral reefs.

While could not obtain a reliable price for the fish, learned netizens pegged the price of a honeycomb fish at $276 (over N212k) and $344 (over N264k). “It is Honeycomb Morah Eel. The International market price for a fully grown one is $344,” a TikToker, Aequitas said.

Another fish enthusiast, identified as Bin Mansir on TikTok opined: “It’s honeycomb moray ell and it’s $276.” Watch the video below:

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