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“Housemates should keep cooking as strategy, I will keep eating, I don’t understand the cooking competition” – Mercy Eke reveals (Watch Video)



Popular housemate Mercy Eke has taken a light-hearted stance on the ongoing cooking competition amongst her fellow contestants.

The brand influencer was captured enjoying a meal when fellow housemate CeeC expressed curiosity about the fervent competition brewing in the kitchen.

Wondering aloud whether culinary skills have ever been the saving grace in the high-stakes game, CeeC questioned the rationale behind the kitchen contest.

Maintaining her characteristic humor and nonchalant attitude, Mercy Eke responded to CeeC’s query with a touch of bemusement.

While still engrossed in her food, she echoed CeeC’s sentiment, confessing that she too struggled to comprehend the culinary rivalry that had consumed her colleagues.

Emphasizing her decision to steer clear of the kitchen competition, Mercy humorously revealed her culinary priorities, stating that she would focus solely on enjoying the fruits of her housemates’ cooking endeavors after their dramatic kitchen face-offs.

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